Updating boot camp

So I never realised until now that lots of programs on my Mac Book Air have created their own tasks to keep themselves updated (e.g.Google Chrome, Apple Software Update, many Microsoft apps, etc.).The supported devices include Bluetooth adapters, card readers, web cameras, graphics card and network adapters. I see my Nvidia card's support software always says new update available.I mainly ask this because I joined the Windows Insider program about a week ago and the first experimental build that I received (Build 14965) has caused my brightness keys to stop working.

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The Macintosh users that own systems with Intel hardware have the option of installing and running Windows by using Boot Camp.This utility is installed on OS X and allows you to prepare the computer for the Windows installation by creating the suitable partition.However, Windows does not provide support for the Macintosh hardware and requires additional drivers in order to be able to use the installed camera or Air Port devices.All of the other special function keys still work perfectly, but since 1607 the Windows devs must have changed something fundamental to the way the display driver used to work.Boot Camp Update is a software package that includes the drivers and applications required to run Windows on an Intel-based Macintosh computer.Apple also provides a list of Macs that support 64-bit versions of Windows 10: Installing Windows 10 on a Mac that sports a Fusion Drive, Apple's branding for hybrid SSD/HDD systems, creates the Windows partition on the mechanical drive.


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