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Whereas our Latin Fathers have never concerned them at all (most Eastern Christians have never even heard of our schoolmen or canonists), they still feel the influence of the Greek Fathers, their theology is still concerned about controversies carried on originally in Greek and settled by Greek synods. Further legislation formed two more at the expense of Antioch: Constantinople in 381 and Jerusalem in 451.

The literature of those that do not use Greek is formed on Greek models, is full of words carefully chosen or composed to correspond to some technical Greek distinction, then, in the broadest terms, is: that a Western Church is one originally dependent on Rome, whose traditions are Latin; an Eastern Church looks rather to Constantinople (either as a friend or an enemy) and inherits Greek ideas. In any case the Roman patriarchate was always enormously the greatest.

Albanians make up the largest minority, with 21 percent of the population, and small Turkish and Serbian populations are also represented.

The majority of Macedonians, 59 percent, belong to the Eastern Orthodox Church, while 26 percent are Muslims.

Eastern Churches depend originally on the Eastern Empire at Constantinople; they are those that either find their centre in the patriarchate of that city (since the centralization of the fourth century) or have been formed by schisms which in the first instance concerned Constantinople rather than the Western world.

Another distinction, that can be applied only in the most general and broadest sense, is that of language. 430) most of all, who built up the traditions of the West; in ritual and canon law the Latin or Roman school formed the West.

For the list of the thirteen principles of faith click here Orthodox Jews, including Orthodox Jewish scientists, condemn the theory of evolution, and strongly believe that the world was created 5,771 years ago.

There are many approaches how to deal with the scientific research of evolution by the Orthodox Jews.

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Western Churches are those that either gravitate around Rome or broke away from her at the Reformation.

It is a landlocked and mountainous country, and only about four percent of its land is suitable for crops.

The region experiences a high rate of seismic activity, making it susceptible to earthquake damage.

It has few natural resources other than mineral deposits.

Macedonians have traditionally made their living from farming, herding, and mining.


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