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Save precious time, handle what must be handled within yourself to bring a stronger, clearer, inspiring version of you to positively impact the life of another. While I was working doing PR for these cool brands, I was also the wife of my college sweetheart and best friend. It was a simpler time before cell phones, texting and social media. We tried couples therapy and felt it was like putting a band aid on a tumor. I was looking outside to fill up what I could only fill for myself.

The particular field of one-on-one coaching has grown exponentially since the beginning of the recession in 2007.

Do you feel like wasting time finding your perfect match? But this time, let the professional matchmakers of Luxe Matchmaking help you find your potential partner.

Luxe Matchmaking is not a Florida Dating Service who just sends people on a ton of dates.

Silverman used to get groups of guys together to practice meeting women.

Most of them were quiet guys who found the South Beach scene intimidating. Lieber describes himself as that guy who sat in the corner at high school parties and didn't speak.

The dating-life makeover could mean anything from cleaning up your Facebook profile to fixing up your apartment.

Every wonder why you can’t seem to meet the right person?

Dating advice from a dating coach can help you finally transform your love life, end the broken hearts, and find the relationship you’ve been longing for!

From creating your profile to improving your communication skills, your matchmaker will guide you every step of the way.

Our dedicated matchmakers will do everything they can to achieve one goal: to find a partner perfect for you.


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