Man to man spanking chat

Little does he know that JB Spanks is on classroom duty! First he spanks him on trousers then underwear then bare.He is then given some corner time to reflect on his wrong doing and then placed across the table for some more hand spanking and the brush.

Still, I would argue from experience that nothing works better than a good swift spanking for a boy who gets out of line. Daniels end of term exam results are not good and after many warnings Dad has run out of patience so its over the knee for for this young man!Daniels bottom is certainly very spank-able and Dad soon gets the point across.So to help Erik's lack of self-discipline he thinks its hight time he gets a short sharp lesson so over the knee he goes.Proving once again your never too old to get a spanking Thomas thinks he’s found a nice quiet empty classroom for a quick cigarette.Your boy must understand and come to ultimately accept that punishment can occur at any time. He will have no say when or how his spankings will occur.


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