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She also has a heartbeat and a circulatory system, which helps heat the inside of her body.

The sex robot also comes programmed with different personalities - and here's where we encounter the big problem.

The show's premise centres upon the idea that couples will be more open to sexually themed discussions after having performed the act itself.

‘Ethicists, lawmakers and manufacturers treat robots as things, but future sexbots are more than things.

‘Under existing legal and ethical standards, sex between consenting adult humans is permissible, as is sex between humans and things.

‘Humans having sex with other humans who are unable to consent to sex, like children and adults lacking decision-making capacity, is seen as unlawful and unethical. Such groups are recognized as sentient beings who cannot consent to sex with interests in need of protection.

The latest human institution to be forever altered by the robot revolution is the sex industry.

Thanks to the efforts of what I can only assume are very lonely roboticists, not anymore.


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