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We soon became "Fools in Love" and the rest is history as we were married just over 7 months after meeting at your event! Check out the cool tattoos we each got to remember how we met. Lock and Key Events transform a regular happy hour by adding the ULTIMATE ice breaker theme. With your lock or key, you now have a reason to talk to anyone and everyone you want!

What a great way to unwind after a long work week..kick off a night on the town!

Monica introduces Rachel to the rest of the group: Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and also reunites her with Ross, who eventually decides to suggest that he may someday ask her out on a date, a proposition she does not object to.

The same woman later steals Rachel's cart but her wacky, quirky personality enables her to come up with the perfect method of putting the bully in her place-not starting a fight, but jumping into the cart and angrily saying that if the woman wants to take the cart, she will have to take Rachel with it.

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Her search for Monica, who she hasn't spoken to in several years, ends as she sees her and tells her what happened.

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She met Monica Geller for the first time when they were both six years old and they quickly became best friends, remaining exactly that from then until attending the same high school.

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