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Pearl factory, Jade factory, Silk factory, Cashmere factory, Tea Ceremony factory. Maybe I'm just bitter because the one thing I wanted, a stuffed Haibao, the mascot of the 2010 World Expo, was only sold in Beijing.

If they would have thrown some shit like that in I would have been extremely satisfied.

Do the conversion to dollars or pounds or yen and you'll see. We would get a 4 minute demonstration, then cute little Chinese women would flock from hidden doors to hound us into buying.

The idea that since it's made in China you can buy it cheap in China is a myth. We were left to our defenses for about a half an hour while the tour guides hoped for a commission.

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This city is also one of the stops along the ancient Silk Route.

Into these roiling emotional waters come Andrew (Tse Sit-chun), the school’s resident jock and object of desire for all three girls, and Raymond (Gregory Wong), a hostess bar patron with a heart of gold who shows Tracy the sexual ropes (, but in Hong Kong’s outlying Lam Tsuen area).

Tracy’s misguided hope is that her newfound knowledge will help her reconnect with Chloe.

Get your shopping done asap, then enjoy the scenery. Only when I turn and walk away does she agree to my price. The second part of shopping in China was "factories".

While the group I was with shopped for another 3 hours for the same shit we shopped for for 3 hours the day before, I climbed a mountain, saw a dragon parade, and got shooed away from a dog meat salesman for taking pictures. If you want real products, it's the same price anywhere else in the world. A C grade (which I got on the street) costs about . The tour guides would take us to a "jade factory" or "pearl factory" to learn how this stuff is made.


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