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Workshops are contingent upon staff/docent availability. To schedule a workshop, please use the online form, printable PDF form or contact the Museum Educator at (213) 473-5306 or [email protected]

CAM proudly provides the following workshops for our students/educators to enjoy: Recommended Age: 2nd – 3rd grade (although there is no set age limit) Length of workshop: 30-45 minutes Capacity: 30 students (1 adult chaperone for every 8 students) Available: Tuesday-Friday, 10am – 1pm California Visual Arts content standards: 2.2.3; 3.3.5 CAM’s cultural art workshops engage students, families and adults with Chinese American customs through easy-to-learn art projects that utilizes a variety of creative methods, styles and materials.

One such popular workshop teaches the tradition of making lanterns using colored construction paper, makers, yarn, streamers and other materials.

It will also ensure that suitable steps are taken as a result of any investigations, which may include contacting the police and/or fulfilling the legal duty to refer information to the DBS as required.

Lanterns are very symbolic in the Chinese culture, as they represent a “lighting of the way,” literally and metaphorically.

The tradition to create and string up lanterns in homes and in the streets started in China as a way to signal the end of the New Years’ celebration.

However, departments/institutions are encouraged to develop their own local policies and procedures to address any safeguarding matters of particular relevance to them.

CAM will periodically offer on-site workshops where staff and/or museum volunteers will lead students through hands-on activities that creatively engage them with Chinese American history and culture.


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